Company Information

Company History

Formed in 1999, The Richard Group is owned and operated by David and Joel Richard. With their 15 years of experience working with various Internet and desktop technologies, we have developed not only a technical expertise, but also a method of development that enhances the communication process and creates an environment of efficiency.

Today, the company has expanded and functions through the efforts of two teams: Services and Technology. Our Services team works closely with our customers to fully understand their respective businesses and to design innovative ways to incorporate Internet technologies into their day-to-day operations. Our Technology team develops and maintains our Web Development Platform as well as drives much of our custom software engineering.

Technical Approach

We have developed methods and techniques which ensure a smooth development process and produces a stable, robust web site product. This, along with our Web Development Platform, provides us an advantage not seen in normal software development environments.

The development platform provides a starting point so that our projects require less overall development, which in turn minimizes the problems that can occur. Less code means less time and less bugs that can stretch out deployment of the final product.

Hosting Capabilities

While we often describe ourselves as software developers, our overall capabilities extend well beyond that. Because we have worked with a variety of different types of clients - from the larger multi-site businesses to smaller companies moving through the startup process - we offer a complete hosting package that includes the web site and email hosting needed by many clients.